Our first attempt at fush…schnapper fillet, trout (thanks Zac) and salmon.

Loved the schnapper..salmon was superb and trout tasted great but..the bones ahh.

Will definately to salmon and schnapper again…simple salt and pepper and a little brown sugar.





Pork Fillet

Bloody hell this Traeger just gets better and better.

Coffee chilly rub on two nice pork fillets.

Smoked for two hours then a yummy garlic sticky sauce over them and cooked for one and a bit hours.

Result was just great…beautiful smoke ring around the cut pork..tasted stunning.

Yummo…Master Smoker Ralphie suggested I try this little number


Take one piece of commercially corned beef, soak in water over night to remove salt.

Rub with pepper, cardamon, brown sugar, paprika and garlic powder.

Smoked for two hours and then cooked at 220C for three hours.


Result…excellent Pastrami and perfect in a Reuban (not Wiki)

Right time to start playing..jerky day…

Skirt (Flank steak) marinated in a honey bourbon, garlic, soy sauce, Worcester sauce, brown sugar and salt. Hickory chips on smoke setting.

Said it would take 6 hours…I stopped at 5 and that was possibly to much..jury is still out. Tastes fabulous, excellent smoke and miraculously finds all those gaps in your teeth!!

Fermentation goes hand in hand with low slow smoky cooking.

Last weekend we attended a workshop to learn some basics. Learnt how to make Kafir, Kombulcha, Kim Che and sauerkraut among other things.

Had a great time and already have Kafir, sauerkraut and fermented garlic on the go.

Head along to a workshop..well run…fun and educational… contact Bellina at highvibe33@gmail.com for details

Gay came home to a couple of delicious first tries on the Traeger this evening.

First up…chicken thigh (not our chookies) with a worchester sauce dry rub, then brushed with Lucy’s plum sauce mixed with a little chilli…..it  was cranking.




Then the main course four hour smoked pork belly – traeger dry rubbed overnight. OK OK rookie mistake I left the skin on – was bloody good but not crackly! The belly was great..not too smokie cooked perfectly.












The ice has melted from our first frost of the year…its time to generate some heat.

The first burn is to season the trays etc in the smoker…45 minute of hot.

The smell of the metal heating up was interesting…but when our first baby dropped..mmm mmm Hickory.

Chooks were very interested in this new gadget..obviously keen to become involved some how !


Decision made..we’re going to dabble into the dark arts of slow smokey cooking.

Second decision was what piece of kit to invest in. Went for a Traeger Pro 22..yrs its a pellet burner..but i do have a life outside burning stuff.

Arrives early next week and we can’t wait to start cooking.